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Sales Success Webinars with Jeffrey Gitomer

Join Jeffrey Gitomer for in-depth webinars complete with slides, live audio streams and Q&A. Attend a webinar right in your home or office!


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Build-Your-Own Gitomer Webinar Bundle

Choose up to 5 of our OnDemand Gitomer Webinars packaged together, and receive a savings of $16 off the regular price.

Ask Powerful Questions

In this sales webinar, Jeffrey Gitomer, reveals that all questions are not created equal. Some will fall flat and lose the sale. Others, however, can unlock the door to the sale by creating emotional engagement, drawing out buying motives, and by challenging customers to respond in the most powerful way possible - in terms of you!

Our price: $29.00

Break Down Barriers

Breaking down barriers to make a sale is part of every salesperson’s real-world. Every customer has objections. Your job is to be at ease with them, overcome them, and identify them as a buying signal.

Our price: $29.00

Buying Motives

Buying motives are more powerful than selling skills. If you learn why people buy and your competition only knows how to sell, you won't just beat them, you'll bury them.

Our price: $29.00

Closing The Sale

Contrary to decades of sales teaching, closing the sale is not a matter of psychological trickery or mental manipulation. What a relief, huh? Mastery of closing the sale does NOT require you to become someone you're not. However, it does demand that you learn critical techniques and timing skills that make closing the sale one of the most exciting and effective skills you'll possess.

Our price: $29.00

Cold Calling A New Approach

The way that salespeople used to do Cold Calling does not work anymore. Social Media has killed the cold call.

Our price: $29.00

Create a Killer Personal Brand

Your Brand is what exists in the minds of your customers. It's their perception of you. Take this ultimate “Create a Killer Personal Brand” course right now and learn how to brand yourself.

Our price: $29.00

Deliver Value

Before you expect a customer to buy, do you deliver value, or do you foolishly bank on manipulative sales tactics and tricks? There are no real secrets to selling. But there are answers, and at the heart of them all is the amount of perceived value you deliver to your customers. Jeffrey Gitomer and Andy Horner deliver the what, why, and how to build a reputation of value and a lifetime of sales.

Our price: $29.00

Differentiate or Die

In business and sales, standing out is do or die. This course is your complete how to for differentiation success.

Our price: $29.00

I Tweet Therefore I Am

Plenty of people are still fearful of Twitter.

Our price: $29.00