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Internet Profit Kit

How To Get Targeted Traffic and Higher Sales... in Less Than 27 Days

101 Proven Tactics & Tools You Can Use to Build Your Information Marketing Business!—Guaranteed!

12-Disc Program - $497

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to learn how to design your site for maximum sales, to attract a steady flow of targeted customers and get customers to buy more products and services, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

There are so many people selling all sorts of Internet marketing-related products that it can be difficult to separate what's good from all of the other crap. Much of it is B.S. sold by "get rich quick" schemers who just want to take your money and build up false hopes. At best it’s outdated, over-saturated, or too complicated for most people to understand and implement. You can’t afford to waste your time, money and energy on 99% of it.

Okay, it's not all crap... there are a handful of respected Internet and Direct Marketing Experts that I admire for their straight-forward, no-nonsense, and proven strategies.

People such as my friends and colleagues, Mark Joyner, Perry Marshall, Joe Vitale, Tom Antion, Yanik Silver, Alex Mandossian, and a few others... oh, and of course... my strategic partner in several joint ventures... Randy Gage!

So how do you separate the experts from the hucksters?

Learn from someone who's actually making money online selling information products, instead of by someone who makes money telling others how to do it.

I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of products and services to many industries, and have satisfied clients around the world. They range from start-up entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies... I can help anyone who wants to use the power of the Internet to get more customers and sell more products and services. Every week I get tons of requests asking me how to do it.

“How do I make my mini-site effective?”

“Can you help me improve the conversion rates of my landing pages?”

“How do I set up and manage a Google AdWord campaign?”

Each question shares the same, single goal—how can I sell more by leveraging the power of the Internet? You’d probably like some of those answers too, or you wouldn't be reading this now, right?

I love the consulting part of my business, but I just don’t have the time to personally help everyone who calls. So I decided I needed to find a new way to do what I've been told I do better than anyone else—explain complex Internet marketing strategies simply, so they can be put into action immediately with positive results.

The result is the Internet Profit Kit For Information Marketers.

Internet Profit Kit For Information MarketersIt’s a revolutionary 12-part CD-ROM interactive tutorial program specifically created for anyone wanting to develop and sell information product!

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Infopreneurs
  • Professional Speakers
  • Authors
  • Seminar Leaders
  • Professional coaches

This album is also perfect for anyone who wants to increase traffic to their site and get the maximum return on their website investment!

Topics and lessons featured on the 12 interactive tutorials include:

  • Getting the Most Out of the Internet Profit Kit
  • Developing Your Internet Marketing Action Plan (I-MAP)
  • Creating Your Product Pipeline
  • Designing Your Site to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Building Huge ‘Opt-In’ E-mail Lists
  • Using Traditional Marketing for More Prospects & Customers
  • Generating Visitors to Your Site
  • Using Google/Pay-Per-Click Sites for Targeted Traffic
  • Grow Sales with Affiliate Programs & Joint Venture (JV) Deals
  • Improve Your Responses with Testing & Tracking Tactics
  • Outsourcing Secrets: Off-the-Shelf Software to Automate Your Online Business
  • Putting It All Together to Make the Most Money

Order Now and Get 3 Bonus Items:

Monetize Your Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business
Ford teaches you how to use your expertise and experience to drive a steady stream of prospects to your business with Social Media Marketing. (60 min. video DVD)

Keyword Secrets: 60-Minutes to Simple Keyword Success
During this training, Ford Saeks’ breaks down the critical fundamentals of simple keyword strategies you can use immediately to grow your business. (60 min. audio CD)

Blog Marketing to Build Your Business
Ford distills the secrets to Blogging and teaches you how to use a Blog to grow your business and increase sales. (60 min. audio CD)

Does it all sound “too good to be true”? Well for once, it’s not!

I know you may still be skeptical; that's normal—and smart—these days. So let me prove to you that I can back up what I claim. I promise you that what you’ll learn from the Internet Profit Kit isn’t untested theory or conjecture—everything in it has been developed “in the field,” from my personal experience of more than 25 years as a successful direct marketer and entrepreneur.

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say:

  1. I started marketing online more than 10 years ago when I recognized the unique marketing power of the Internet. And like many others, when I started out I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making more mistakes than I can list here trying to figure out what worked and what didn't. As the Internet matured, I made sure my business adapted with it, keeping what worked and dropping anything that didn’t! Along the way I discovered the online marketing strategies, tactics, and tools that generated the best results. These elements are the foundation of my Internet Profit Kit.
  2. My company, Prime Concepts Group, Inc., sells a variety of information products and services, ranging from $9 eBooks to complete Internet Marketing programs that start around $5,000, and everything in between! Our proven testing processes and experience selling these products and services gives us priceless insight into marketing strategies that really work (upsells, autoresponders, consumption e-mails, coaching programs, seminars, Pay-Per-Click advertising, etc.).
  3. Type my name "Ford Saeks," the name of my company "Prime Concepts," or the name of my strategic partner "Randy Gage" into Google's search engine and hit “Enter.” You'll see many samples of our successful sites; we created and manage multiple deep content-type sites with hundreds of pages. We also have more than 150 mini-sites (a.k.a. sales letter sites) dedicated to promoting just one product or service. They all make money—lots of it!

The insight and “inside secrets” you'll learn from my Internet Profit Kit originally cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire through costly trial and error. That knowledge now makes us (and our clients) millions of dollars, so you know it’s the real deal.

But don’t just take my word for it; here’s what some of my satisfied customers from around the world have to say...

The information presented was clearly explained and I learned money-making strategies from someone who has been there, done it—big time!

– Oscar R., Switzerland

If you are serious about selling information, you have to get this program! If you don’t, you’re costing yourself millions of dollars.

– Scott G., Canada

I would pay four times the fee to buy this program! It has so many money-making ideas and strategies.

– Janine C., The Netherlands

I just took my first step into a HUGE new world of opportunity. It was well worth the money spent.

– John B., Australia

I’ve been in marketing for over two decades... even I was humbled into realizing there are so many new ways to harness the Internet and make mega-bucks.

– Robert S., United States

This kit is unlike most training programs you've ever used. It outlines each lesson in detail, teaching you the skills you need and how to develop them. You don’t have to be a web designer to understand the lessons, as each one demonstrates step by step how you will generate revenue by selling information products and services from your website.

And you’ll actually enjoy while you learn. Unlike dry textbooks or sleep-inducing audio presentations, the Internet Profit Kit engages all of your senses to create a dynamic learning environment. You’ll learn better and faster using the interactive video tutorials. Instead of just listening to a session, you get to watch, read, and listen—and you can pause, stop, and review key points at your own pace. Each CD is clearly indexed and searchable, so you can quickly find the topics you are most interested in.

Each tutorial plays on your computer (Windows or Mac format), so you can explore the actual applications as the tutorials run, switching back and forth to your other programs as needed. Each session also includes “hot links” to related online resources, more advanced tutorials and much more.

Easy-To-Follow, Interactive Tutorials and Study Guide “Walk” You Through Each Step In Selling More Products and Services Online

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

Internet Profit Kit

Sample Screen Shot of Video Tutorial

You'll quickly discover more than 100 money-making ideas that can dramatically improve your website sales.

If you sell books, CDs, special reports, digital downloads, seminars or coaching/consulting services, and want to earn more money with value-added resources, take a serious look at what I've put together for you.

To your success,

Ford Saeks

Ford Saeks

Don't suffer another day of dismal Internet sales… Get the Internet Profit Kit and start implementing these proven techniques to increase your sales and traffic right away!

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